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Why Chemistry?
If you enjoyed Chemistry at GCSE, you will love this A level course. In two years you will get an in-depth knowledge of this fascinating subject, preparing you for further education or giving you the credentials to enhance your job options straightaway. Chemists have greatly improved the quality of life for the majority of people. You will find out that chemists are real innovators, designing solutions to the problems that affect modern life.

Are there any recommendations for entry to the course?
Students with a wide range of interests enjoy the Chemistry course. Whether you want a job in medicine or industry, Chemistry is the solid platform upon which careers are built. Students who take Chemistry often also study from a wide range of subjects, including Psychology, Mathematics, Biology and Physics. You will need to obtain a minimum of a grade 7 in GCSE Chemistry or 7-7 in Core and Additional Science.

What will I study?
In the Lower Sixth students are given a sound practical grounding in Chemistry learning a range of techniques. Topics studied during this year include Energy and Foundation Organic Chemistry. In the Upper Sixth the knowledge gained in the Lower Sixth is extended and built upon with topics including Transition Elements and Analysis.

How will I be assessed?
There are three written examination papers covering the theoretical and practical aspects of the course and an additional practical endorsement.

What can study of this subject lead to?
Chemistry is a great choice of subject for people who want a career in health and the clinical professions, such as medicine, nursing, biochemistry, dentistry or forensic science. It will also equip you for a career in industry, for example in the petrochemical or pharmaceutical industries.

Is there anything else I should know?
The Chemistry A Level course helps students develop a number of skills: how to assemble data and assess it; how to investigate facts and use deduction; how to put over your point of view fluently; how to work as a team to achieve results.