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Giving - Introduction

Our aim is to embody the philosophy of giving back at Hill House School, within the school community, by offering the members an opportunity to leave a legacy that will offer normally unreachable opportunities for future students; and at the same time, aid in the creation and development of superior facilities which will offer future students of Hill House School, an exemplary experience.

We are very grateful to all the parents, grandparents, friends and past pupils of Hill House who have shown great generosity over the years to support the work of the school.

There are a number of ways in which you can help the school provide even better education and support for our pupils, including:

  • Donations; many have been kind enough to donate money, equipment and facilities.
  • Legacies; we are always delighted to hear that someone has thought about the school as part of their legacy
  • Gifts of Deposits; many parents are pleased to allow the school to use their initial deposit for philanthropic purposes when their child leaves.

The school is always delighted to receive such generosity, large or small. Philanthropic giving is used, by agreement with parents, through either: