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2021/2022 Prefects

Congratulations to our new prefects for the 2021/2022 academic year! 

Head Boy and Head Girl - James Burley and Anna Russin

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl - Joseph Rogerson and Evie Sprenger










Head of House - Camran Cassar, Samuel Honeybone, Spencer Brown and Faith Martin-Porter











Sport Prefect - Charlotte Westmoreland-Smith

Charity Prefect - Emily Busby

Performing Arts Prefect - Emma Robinson

Junior School Prefect - Liberty Elliott

Wellbeing Prefect - Narin Cowell

Year 11 Prefects

Deputy Head of House - Jessica Rowland, Alfie Atack, James Barnsdale-Black, Harry Russin, Kavneer Basran, Maisie Ayton-Nicholls and Henry Holland

Field House Prefects - Benjamin Braidwood, Zahra Mazai, Sam Towler, Lucas Wilkinson

Master House Prefects - Eleanor Case, Nate Close, Isobel Holling, Holly Usher

School House Prefects - William Burridge, Ella Joshi, Charlotte McLellan, Olivia Willis

New House Prefects - Poppy Bazlinton, Bobby Dhaliwal, Jennifer Smith, Felicity Taylor-Peck