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U11 Netball Team Clinches Bowl Victory at HMC Tournament

In a wonderful display of skill and sportsmanship, the Hill House U11 Netball Team emerged triumphant at the highly competitive HMC Schools Netball Tournament, securing the coveted bowl.

The team demonstrated their skills on the court throughout a total of 9 matches against formidable opponents from various HMC schools. Remarkably, the Hill House team clinched victories in 7 of these games, showcasing not only their talent, but also their determination to succeed.

The only setback the team faced was against the eventual champions, Bradford Grammar, in a closely contested match. Undeterred by this single loss, the Hill House U11 Netball Team showcased exceptional resilience.

Director of Sport at Hill House School, Mrs Katie Vickers, expressed her immense pride in the team's outstanding performance. She commented, "The girls played fantastically and put incredible effort into all of their games, which is reflected in the results. Their dedication and sportsmanship were truly commendable.”