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Exciting Appointment for Hill House Head of Science!

We are pleased to announce that our Head of Science at Hill House School, Mr Mark Brannan, has been appointed to the Royal Society of Biology’s Curriculum Committee.

The Committee ensures that the biology curriculum at all educational stages is as relevant as possible and prepares students for their next steps in life.

Mark Brannan has been teaching science since 1997 and is in his sixth year at Hill House, teaching at all ages of the school. His dual honours science degree in biology and geology have allowed him to study the interactions between the physical earth and the biosphere, developing his passion for the evolution of life on earth. Mark set up a geology department at Hill House School and teaches GCSE geology alongside GCSE and A-level biology. He is also an experienced A-level biology senior examiner.

Mark remarked that he is “very proud to be selected for the committee and is looking forward to being part of the team that shapes how biology is taught in schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK”.

Mrs Caroline Rogerson, Head of Senior School, said “This is a fantastic achievement for Mr Brannan and a clear recognition of his skills and knowledge in his field. I am always pleased to see that our teaching staff can contribute to the academic world in this way.”