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Scholarships and Bursaries

Hill House School is delighted to offer a range of scholarships at different ages. Most are awarded at 11+, with a different system in place for Sixth Form.

Scholarships are awarded at 11+ for academic achievement, and in sport, music, art and performing arts. Scholarships are awarded at Sixth Form level for academic achievement and leadership.

Below is a breakdown of the 11+ scholarship programme. Scholarship assessments take place in January, alongside the Year 7 Entrance Exam, however, the school will consider scholarship applications throughout the school year.

Details of Sixth Form scholarships are available here.  


Open Scholarships

There are a small number of scholarships available in each year group. The standard award for a scholarship is a 10% reduction in fees. The school reserves the right to make no awards if no children reach scholarship standard. Open Scholarships are valid until the end of Year 11. 11+ Open Scholarships are determined anually by Entrance Examination and Assessment in January of Year 6. 

Means Tested Scholarships

Parents of pupils awarded Open Scholarships who require additional financial support are able to apply to the Bursar for an additional reduction from the school fees. This involves a process of means testing.

Foundation Scholarships

The school is able to occasionally offer in exceptional circumstances a very small number of Foundation Scholarships. Assessment for these is by invitation only at any age, and is done outside the normal Open Scholarship process.

Scholarship Review

The school undertakes in March an annual review of the performance and commitment of scholars. Any likely discontinuation of a scholarship will be discussed with parents at this point.

Rose Learning Trust Scholarships

The school is able to offer an annual means tested scholarship to a pupil of exceptional potential from any school within the Rose Learning Trust.



The school awards a small number of bursaries annually to parents of children according to need. One or two places annually may be awarded free of charge.

Applications for bursaries can be made at any time during the year. Application forms and guidance on applying for bursaries can be obtained by contacting the Bursar on 01302 776300.