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Fortune Tellers

Fortune Teller Revision: Create challenging questions, put them into a fortune teller and play in 'speed dating' style. 

Pupils enjoy this activity and benefit from both the process of creating and answering questions. Great for low stakes quizzing.

  1. Create a fortune teller by folding a square piece of paper. 
  2. Number the outer folds 1-4.
  3. On the next layer, pupils write a challenging question (linked to their learning).
  4. On the inner layer pupils write the answer to their question.
  5. Once complete, pupils use their fortune tellers to challenge their classmates. This can be done in a 'speed dating' format or by just moving around the room. 


  • Questions and answers could be written with either open or closed books.
  • Make it competitive by seeing how many questions can be answered correctly / how many questions a pupil can create that their peers cannot answer (ensure they then share the answer).