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Connect Four

Connect 4: A fun interactive game used for consolidation and the identification of gaps in knowledge.  Pupils create challenging questions for their classmates and make a record of the answers. Pupils, using their own devices to play the game, socially distanced against their peers. 

  1. Pupils create a set challenging questions and answers relating to the topic under consolidation. In this instance, for a complete board 42 questions and answers should be prepared. The questions could be shared out between a small group of pupils. It is unlikely that 42 questions would be needed, therefore any leftover questions could be reallocated a new number when the game is restarted. 
  2. Once the group have collated their questions and answers, they become the quiz master. 
  3. Opponents (either 2 individuals or 2 small groups) are allocated as either the red or the yellow team.
  4. Teams take it in turns to select a number from the grid. Pupils should work from the bottom upwards. 
  5. The quiz master asks the question selected by the team. 
  6. If an individual or team answers a question correctly, the circle they have chosen is turned to their colour. By clicking on the left side of the circle, the circle will turn red and by click on the right side of the circle, the circle will turn yellow.
  7. The first team to connect 4 circles horizontally, vertically or diagonally becomes the winner.
  8. To restart the game, press the escape button then present the game afresh.

Differentiation / Extension ideas:

  • Questions and answers could be preprepared by the teacher, who takes on the role as quiz master.
  • When students are using their own devices, questions and answers could be collated onto a shared document to be used again at a later date.
  • Adding timed conditions helps pupils to practise answer questions under pressure.